TY Events 2015 – 2016

All the events for Transition Year for 2015 – 2016:

Ty Calender of Events 2015/16

Film Studies Module. Every Friday from 9.00 – 10.20.

4A September 4th –October 16th. (7 weeks)

4B. October 23rd – January 8th. (7Weeks)

4C January 15th – March 11th (7weeks)

4D April 8th  – May 27th  (8 weeks)

Chinese Language and Culture (Optional) – one class per week, every Wednesday 1.30-2.30.

Oysterhaven Outdoor Activity Centre – Sept 15th (Tue)

Gaeltacht Sept/Oct (date to be decided)

Road Safety – Rochestown Park Hotel (Date to be confirmed)

Seminar on Positive Mental Health- Friday, October  2nd .

Work experience. (2 weeks) – Nov 9th – Nov 20th.

The Harmony Programme(Prevention of drug and Alcohol misuse) – Nov 30th, Dec 1st, Dec 7th Dec 8th

(Peter Crann) Itchy Feet  (Drumming percussion) – January 11th & 12th

First Aid – February 22nd –Friday 26th

Axa Road Safety, Rochestown Park Hotel – February 23rd

Mindfulness Programme for young people – Thursday 3rd and 4th of March

Road safety/driving test preparation/car maintenance – March 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th.

Exploring technology week in CIT (10 students only)- 4th Of April

Eagle’s Flight ‘Gold of the Desert Kings’ Experiential learning programme  for TY students: Students are placed in circumstances with limited time and resources and must rely on their team to achieve their goals. Develops brainstorming, team-building, organisational and communication skills- April 7th & 8th

Soar early intervention-preventative wellness workshop. – April 11th and 12th.


Other activities involving Transition Year students throughout the year.

  • Music  Production workshop- once a month for interested students
  • President’s award.
  • Geography fieldtrips
  • Seachtain na gaeilge
  • Debating.
  • Guest speakers- vocational guidance, Community Garda etc
  • ‘Prep for Med School’ Day at UCC
  • Munster Computer Programming Training UCC
  • European student Parliament CIT
  • TYPE Programme TCD
  • School of Psychology UCC Ty Programme
  • STEPS Engineering your future CIT