European Union Student Parliament

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The project went extremely well and we all really enjoyed ourselves. There was 68 students, ranging in age from 15 to 17 years, from 17 schools in Cork City and Cork County. Day 1 and Day 2 were held on campus in CIT with a visit to Blackrock Castle Observatory in the evening of Day 1 for the scientific tour, moon viewing, activities, RedFM DJ and tasty food. Day 3 was held in the Council Chamber in Cork’s City Hall with attendance by the Lord Mayor of Cork who presented each of the students with their certificates. The debates were quite robust on this occasion with perhaps not as many claims making it to the final resolution document as with previous parliament, the competitive aspect of debating perhaps overtook at times but this was the democratic process at work and the students relished both in delivering their claims and having to robustly defend them upon challenge. It was great to see the next generation’s passion on what affects their planet in terms of fossil fuels, etc. and how they would like to see the future of mobility develop into a sustainable transport plan which has positive impacts for all.

James Atchison, Matthew McCarthy, Ruadhan Dolan and James Power all represented our school at the parliament.

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