Transition Year Physics Trips

Recently the fourth year physics class went on two trips, one trip to Blackrock castle observatory and the other to a Tyndall lecture in UCC about space travel. The Tyndall lecture was an in depth talk about the implications of space travel such as gravity and just how difficult and expensive it is to launch a rocket into space. It was very interesting and a fantastic opportunity.

In Blackrock castle we were given access to all the programs used by astronomers when observing space. We left the school early in the morning and the first thing we started with was a program called stellarium. This program allows us to view space from earth. It shows where planets and galaxies are relative to us in real time. Once we found something that was suitable such as a planet we could take a picture of the object. After lunch we returned and used another program named salsaJ which allowed us to edit the images colour settings in order to view the images we took of celestial bodies.


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