TY Gaisce Trip

On Friday the 6th of February, seven TY students and two fifth years left the school in the direction of Killarney for an overnight and a 25km walk around the Lakes of Killarney. At 12.00, we left the school and walked down Monastery Road to catch the bus into town before boarding the 2.35 bus to Killarney. We arrived in Killarney at about 4.00 and walked through the town to Neptunes Hostel where we were to spend the night. Our first, and probably hardest task, was to make our own dinner. We clocked up a few miles travelling to Tesco and returning to the Hostel to test our culinary skills. After about an hours battle with the oven we finally got the chance to eat. On the menu, salmonella. Our PALs (Ms. McCormack, Mr. Lucey and Ms. O’Keefe) arrived at about 6.30 in the middle of our battle. After dinner we decided to go to the cinema across town, all with the aim of clocking up mileage. By 11.00pm the movie finished, and we spent the next 20 minutes walking around Killarney town. When we finally returned to the Hostel we divided into rooms and went to sleep, well, tried.

At 7.00 we woke to the sound of every alarm in the room, just in case we missed the first one! We had our breakfast at half past and eventually left the Hostel at 8.30, headed for Mucross. We started optimistically but greatly underestimated the pace that would be expected. After many stops for photo opportunities along the scenic route, we finally reached Mucross. From there we walked on to Torc Waterfall, infamous to us as it was used as every second example in Junior Cert geography. We then trekked to the top of the waterfall before embarking on the long trek back to the Hostel. The next bus was leaving at 2.30, this we learned at Mucross at about 1.30 so we took it at a sprint through Mucross and Killarney town to make the bus. After a quick stop at the Hostel to collect baggage, we reached the bus.

It was a great experience for all involved and I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of partaking in Gaisce to go with their heart and sign up!

-Peter O’Sullivan 4D

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