Film Studies 2014

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Film studies is a part of the TY programme 2014. Each class made their own film. This was completed over six weeks.
On week one, we were introduced to Brian Connolly, our director. Brian showed us clips and also different types of filming.

During our second class the various roles were assigned. One student was camera man and others were the actors. We acted out a scene from a screen-play written by Brian. We also did a scene from the well-known comedy ’Airplane’. It was very enjoyable. By the end of this class we had developed the idea for the film and had also decided the cast and crew. Our title was undecided but it was slasher genre i.e. everyone gets killed.

By week three it was all systems go. We had practised and our director decided we were ready to film the opening scene.
On week four we continued filming. The real plot of our movie was developing. We got some really intriguing scenes on camera. Personally I think this class was the best because we were constantly filming and it was very exciting.

During the following class we filmed some of our final scenes. In this week almost all of our characters were killed off. This was a really enjoyable class because the scenes we filmed were very fun to do.

In our final class (the sixth) we shot our final scenes. We also got to watch the footage of what we had filmed so far. We were sad that this was the end of what had been a thoroughly enjoyable and fun experience.

Brian will now edit the scenes and compile them to create the final cut. We may not win any Oscars but it was a very satisfying and never dull or boring.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to Brian Connolly for a wonderful and entertaining six weeks of fun film making.
I would also like to thank Ms.Slattery for organising this great activity.

Jack Harris, 4th Year

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