TY Calcutta Trip

Recently Mark Llewellyn, Theo Ban, Fabrizio Sforza and Shane Goodman all raised money for HOPE and went to India with the HOPE Foundation during the Easter for a week.

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Transition Year SOAR workshop

The SOAR workshop is based around improving mental health and mindfulness. Students were given the opportunity to speak openly about school and other aspects of life. SOAR provided a rare chance for students to speak their minds in among their peers without judgement. Overall it was a fantastic day and we’d like to thank the SOAR foundation for their visit.

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TY Ceilí Mór

As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, our TY’s took part in a Ceilí Mór. For the last few weeks they have learning how to dance at a Ceilí. On thursday March 10th girls from Regina Mundi joined them for a mighty rince. Needless to say plenty fun was had.

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Film Studies Module

Over the last number of weeks, transition year students have been participating in a film studies project in which they were tasked with creating their own movie. In total four movies were made. Students were allowed to create their own plot and cast the roles for the films. Students were encouraged to try different camera angles led by the director to make the best film they could. The module lasted 6 weeks in total and the four films are being sold on one disk for €20.

French Exchange 2016

This week St Francis College is hosting seven French students from Lycée St Vincent, Paris as part of our annual French exchange programme.

The students arrived in Cork on Friday 1st April with their Irish exchange partners who were returning home after a ten day visit to Paris. During their stay in France our students had the opportunity to attend school and to enjoy excursions to Paris and Fontainebleau and also travelled to Normandy to see the impressive Mont St Michel.

The seven French students are adapting well to life in an all boys’ school and are thoroughly enjoying our range of sporting activities. On Thursday they will oppose our students in a tennis tournament and on Friday they will challenge us in the Lycée St Vincent V Lycée St Francis soccer match, which has become somewhat of a tradition. Competition is mounting as the French students hope to smash our unbeaten record. May the best Saint win!

On Wednesday the French students will visit UCC and learn about George Boole, the forefather of the digital age and on Friday they will visit the Blackrock Castle Observatory.

We extend a warm welcome to our exchange students and we wish them un très bon séjour.

Check out some photos below

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First Aid Workshop

On the week of 22nd February, transition year students took part in a week-long workshop teaching them how to perform basic first aid. Students began the week by learning how to deal with a casualty who is unconscious but still breathing, the casualty is placed in the recovery position. Next students learned how to perform CPR on an unconscious casualty who is not breathing. This was done by practicing on life-like dummies. At the end of the week, students learned the importance of fire safety, and the importance of calling emergency services when they see an accident take place. Students learned how to use a defibrillator step by step. The students who took part will be given a certificate signifying their knowledge of basic first aid.



1916 Rising History Trip

On Tuesday the 23rd of February 2016, the 4th, 5th and 6th year history classes went to Dublin to learn about the upcoming centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

We departed, red-eyed, at the early time of 6 AM from the gates of Rochestown College. Four hours later (with a stop over for food) we arrived at Glasnevin cemetery at 10 AM and were brought around to the various graves of famous Irish rebels and leaders and visited the crypt of Daniel O’Connell  under the large monument built after his death.

We were then brought to the city centre where we had two hours of free time for food and other shopping if we wished and met back at Trinity College at 2PM. From there we went on a walking tour around the city and we were shown the various famous buildings and locations from the 1916 Rising. Our guide, Lorcan Collins, was extremely interesting and informative and helped give us an idea of not only the events of the Rising but the reaction of the locals and their opinion of it.

We would like to thank our teachers as none of this would be possible without them; Mr Dylan, Ms Lean and Mr O’Flaherty.

Transition Year Physics Trips

Recently the fourth year physics class went on two trips, one trip to Blackrock castle observatory and the other to a Tyndall lecture in UCC about space travel. The Tyndall lecture was an in depth talk about the implications of space travel such as gravity and just how difficult and expensive it is to launch a rocket into space. It was very interesting and a fantastic opportunity.

In Blackrock castle we were given access to all the programs used by astronomers when observing space. We left the school early in the morning and the first thing we started with was a program called stellarium. This program allows us to view space from earth. It shows where planets and galaxies are relative to us in real time. Once we found something that was suitable such as a planet we could take a picture of the object. After lunch we returned and used another program named salsaJ which allowed us to edit the images colour settings in order to view the images we took of celestial bodies.